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China considers invoking force majeure on LNG contracts amid virus outbreak

Leslie Palti-Guzman, president of GasVista, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss how the Wuhan coronavirus is posing a threat to LNG demand, prices and shipping activity.



Phase 1 deal not a gamechanger for U.S. LNG exporters: GasVista
Leslie Palti-Guzman, president of GasVista, says the U.S.-China phase 1 trade deal will not be a gamechanger for the LNG market.


LNG glut could force U.S. exporters to halt shipments


EIA sees global natural gas consumption 40% higher by 2050
Leslie speaks at a panel following an EIA presentation on global gas trade


Traders Spot Opportunity With LNG Prices at Rock Bottom


Tariffs to affect progress of U.S. LNG industry: experts


What role will liquified natural gas play in a greener energy system?
Leslie Palti-Guzman explains the roadblocks the LNG industry faces as the economy decarbonizes as well as ways gas companies can adapt their products to this new environment.


IEA sees China driving world gas demand, but analysts question long-term outlook
Leslie comments on LNG role in global trade


IEA details shifting global gas market


Trump's Jab at Russia Gas Pipe Shows Fight for Market Share


Trump's Jab at Russia Gas Pipe Shows Fight for Market Share


Britain Is Brimming With Natural Gas


Qatar and Exxon Mobil Plan $10 Billion Gas Investment in Texas
Leslie weighs in on Saudi and Qatari investments in U.S. LNG export projects.


Zinke’s energy export plan knocked as 'harebrained'
Leslie Palti-Guzman comments on the China trade war's impact on U.S. gas and coal.



Asian LNG Hubs: Too Important to Fail?
In an op-ed for Global Gas Persectives, Leslie Palti-Guzman discusses the primacy, and vulnerabilities, of Asian LNG hubs.


In geopolitics, Texas shale gas could play a role


Asia's LNG Prospects: Finally Entering a Golden Age
Leslie Palti-Guzman examines the competitiveness of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the fast-evolving Asian natural gas market and assesses key trends observed over the past two years, the demand response to a lower-price environment, and the implications of sustained competitive LNG prices for Asia’s long-term energy mix.


America’s Looming Gas Revolution
First time U.S. LNG exports will compete for marginal demand growth in Asia.


Gas Under Pressure
The United States is Ready to Export LNG, But Does the World Want It?


Latest step in long road to LNG exports



Israel’s Gas Offers Lifeline for Peace
Leslie Palti-Guzman comments on Egypt's dependence on Israeli gas.


What is the best way for the U.S. to counter Russia’s natural gas threats?
Leslie Palti-Guzman explores market and political options for the U.S. government and gas market participants in dealing with the Russian threat.


Pemex Looks to Develop Natural Gas Export Terminal [@Eurasia Group]
Leslie Palti-Guzman weighs in on Pemex's proposed gas export terminal. 


BBC Total’s CEO Christophe de Margerie dies in Moscow plane crash [@Eurasia Group]


Securing China deal key for Gazprom


Don’t cry for the Nabucco pipeline
What the failure of the Nabucco Pipeline means for European gas supply diversification.


Widening Sanctions On Russia Rattle Some In Western Oil Industry
The latest round of sanctions against Russia has created a lot of uncertainty for U.S. and European oil and gas companies. They're growing concerned that another round of sanctions could target Russia's energy sector, jeopardizing Western oil companies' activities there [quoted].


Using U.S. natural gas as an energy wedge against Russia [@Eurasia Group]
The Post's Editorial Board on the implications of rising US LNG exports for Russian gas market share [quoted].


Guest post: Russia-China gas deal – maybe later [@Eurasia Group]
Leslie Palti-Guzman and Tatiana Mitrova explore the possibility of a gas deal between the neighboring demand center and prolific producer.


Azerbaijan gas pipeline aims to carve out a niche across Europe [@Eurasia Group]
Reducing European reliance on Russian gas comes with an enormous price tag [quoted].


The Foreign Policy Uses of an Energy Bounty 
Robert Johnston and Leslie Palti-Guzman argue that The White House will effectively decide whether the U.S. becomes a global gas superpower.


Should the U.S. Export Natural Gas? [@Eurasia Group]
Supporters of the idea say it would enhance American sway abroad, but skeptics see economic risks. [quoted]


Gazprom battles to defend EU gas market share [@Eurasia Group]
Leslie-Palti Guzman outlines Gazprom's strategy in European gas markets amid the US shale boom, new capacity additions in Qatar and Australia, and the then recently commissioned Nord Stream pipeline.


Fukushima’s Impact on Global Energy
Leslie Palti-Guzman participates in a panel hosted by The CSIS Energy and National Security Program on key energy issues and trends that have arisen following the nuclear accident in Japan last March. The conference examined the current energy situation in Japan, evolving discourse on the role of nuclear energy and safety around the world, and future of liquefied natural gas in Asia-Pacific.


Southeast Asia's LNG Demand to Accelerate
Leslie Palti-Guzman, analyst, Global Energy and Natural Resources at Eurasia Group, thinks that Southeast Asia's gas demand will increase by 18% over the next four years.